Why You Need A Full-screen Video Background Web Design

Websites are not created for print. They provide a great platform for you to do almost what you want. Videos provide direct, clear and moving user experience. It becomes one of the most cogent and effective tools in visual communication. With HTML5 it’s an easy job to add videos or animations to a website background. When I first came across a video background web page, I was mesmerized. I want to stay for longer time and explore deeper on it. It’s an addiction. It gives me a powerful feeling. It’s not a static experience only, but a story.

Well, if you would like to focus viewers on something particular and attract a broad audience, why not implant an appealing video into the website background to display your product, service or brand? To give you some inspiration, I make a showcase of fresh, high-quality, exclusive, incredible and outstanding websites with video backgrounds. Some pages are using large background videos to skillfully moderate the mood and atmosphere, while others are showcasing their product.

More vigour

Acool – A successful and inspiriting website with video background can produce a good vigour. You could be shocked when you first come across it. Instead of a static image, the moving scene gives you a totally different feeling, which can lift you higher.


High quality

Coming across a correct and suited video, you could be hooked. Some fashion websites like House of Borel, takes full advantage of videos’ attraction and users’ curiosity and keep revealing a sign that this women’s clothing brand is a high class fashion line.

Simple design with huge meanings

Although the web design is clean and simple, it’s very interesting and memorable, like Fernando Maclen, which uses a blurred video background to show off how he works.

A clear present of the environment

An environment-related video will show visitors your living surroundings and the spectacular nature such as grounds, gold and nearby wildlife. It looks like living there is attracting and comfortable, which we all like.

Strong emotions of evokes

A website with video background often evokes strong emotions. The website, Life of Pi,created to promote Ang Lee’s Oscar winning movie “Life of Pi” which is released in 2010, can be regarded as one of the earliest examples using video as a background. It presents correctly and directly the key sense of the film and, making use of music, creates a sense of anticipation and wonder.

Great immersive

Websites with video backgrounds attract you more to do the same. With the help of freeze-framing, I Surf Because homepage plays some excellent acrobatic actions or moments. I’m definitely sure you’ll be eager to try surf or experience.

Quick in loading and fast in running

Though they play videos when you first come to the homepage, you do not feel the pressure to wait for a page loading. For example, it’s like you are watching a movie when opening Jurassic World. Smoothly, you sense interesting things happening in the theme park.

Making the product more reliable

Videos can present every small action or procedure of creating a pair of shoes, drawing a picture or making an advert. Then you know how the good comes to the earth. You can query or approve the result or the process.


A video background is not everyone’s cup of tea, but without doubt, if you use it in a correct place as an interface, it’ll highlight your website, product, service or brand. It helps convey a sense of enigma or symbolize a given message perfectly. Well, how do you think of video background?