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Easy WP Optimizer WordPress plugin Manual

Thank you for using Easy WP Optimizer WordPress plugin. Easy WP Optimizer allows you to optimize your WordPress database and makes your WordPress much faster and more efficient. The current version has three main functions:

  • Optimize WordPress database and make it tidy and efficient.
  • Backup WordPress database, including non-WordPress database and large size of database.
  • Manage and restore WordPress database, including downloading backup files, restoring WordPress database and deleting backups.




It's very easy to install Easy WP Optimizer on your website.

  • 1. Log in the WordPress Dashboard of your website
  • Go to plugins >Add New
  • Click Upload Plugin
  • Click Choose File button, find easy-wp-optimizer.zip and click Open
  • After the easy-wp-optimizer.zip is uploaded successfully, click Activate to activate the plugin



Optimize WordPress database.

Easy WP Optimizer -> Manual Optimize

Click Empty if you want to clean that type of data.

To clean all types of data, tick all, select Empty and then click Apply.



Backup WorPress database.

Easy WP Optimizer -> Backup Database

Select the type of data you want to backup and click Create Backup.



Restore Database

1. Upload Logo and Site Icon

Easy WP Optimizer -> Restore Database

Click Download to download backup files, click Restore to restore the database, click Delete to delete the backup file.

Download Easy WP Optimizer:Easy WP Optimizer

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