Coothemes Shortcode User Manual

Thank you for using Coothemes Shortcodes plugin. Coothemes Shortcodes is a free WordPress plugin that provides a pack of shortcodes.


It’s very easy to install Coothemes Shortcodes on your website. There are 2 different ways to install Coothemes Shortcodes:

1. Install via the WordPress admin dashboard of your website

  1. 1. In your dashboard, go to Plugins, click on Add new, search Coothemes Shortcodes, the first one By Coothemes that’s it.
  2. 2. When the Coothemes Shortcodes appears, click Install button, then the WordPress will start downloading the plugin.
  3. 3. Active the plugin.

2. Download from

  1. 1. Download the installation file from
  2. 2. Log in the WordPress Dashboard of your website
  3. 3. Go to plugins>Add New
  4. 4. Click Upload Plugin
  5. 5. Click Choose File button, find and click Open
  6. 6. After the is uploaded successfully, click Activate to activate the plugin


After you active Coothemes Shortcodes, you can see the plugin when you’re editing your post or page.

When clicking on the Coothemes Shortcodes button, you can see the shortcode list. Click on the shortcode you want and customize the shortcode accordingly.

Toggle Shortcode

Toggle is very useful to organize parts of your post or page content and give that article a compact look. When users click on it, they can see more information. This toggle effect is popularly used in FAQ page. There are 2 statuses of the toggle: close and open. For “close”, users can see more information when they click on the toggle. And for “open”, users can collapse the content.

Close status

Open status

Box Shortcode

Box allows you to highlight and give extra interest to what you’re wanting to say to your users. You can use Box Shortcode to create a call-out, warning and anything you want to get extra attention. There are 4 box styles: buy, shadow, warning and noway. You can also enable custom box model and select the box icon, colors of icon, text, box background and so on.


You can also enable custom model, choose your favorite icon and customize your box.

Button Shortcode

Most of websites are created for certain purpose, and will use buttons to give a call to action. Buttons play an important role in attracting visitors to click on them and get the clicks converted. For your convenience, we have included many options to enable you to create beautiful buttons. You can select the icon, color border radius, border of the button, set its position, target and many more options.

Tooltip Shortcode

Tooltip is one of the most underused and underrated element. A tooltip is a small pop-up that appears when people hover the cursor over an item. Tooltips are very handy in explaining some items and giving more information. Choose from 4 positions, unlimited colors of the content and tooltip background, you can easily set up beautiful tooltips for your website.


Tab Shortcode

Tabs provide a handy way to group and organize related content. Users will not be overwhelmed by a lot of content and can easily get your points. And tabs can adjust to any page size, so you don’t need to worry about anything. When you click on Tabs, you can see that you can define how to activate tabs and how they show. Choose unlimited colors of tab title and title background and add unlimited tabs on your website.