8 Web Design Trends You Need to Know in 2016

Web design trends always change speedily, which is a fast-tempo domain and is capable of predicting top tendencies ahead of time. If you haven’t updated the aspect of your website for couple of years or so, it’s time to do it now. Otherwise, you may risk falling behind the competitors who also have websites that more catch up with the needs of nowadays visitors. So, why not start now to update it if your website is out-of-date for years. So, let’s see the major latest trends in web design for 2016 which may give you some inspiration to help you improve your website.

1. Large Natural Looking Stock Photos Background

In 2016, more designers would prefer to pay attention to using their own photos in the homepage of their websites. So, we will see more genuine and amazing photos inserted to websites worldwide, which could help the owners deliver their message and would help them connect with all visitors more friendly.

Stock Photos

2. Full screen background video

It has become pretty popular to use full screen background video in the latest web design. Video plays a very important impact when you want to draw attention. An amazing video displayed on your background can make visitors stop to watch it and make them more entertaining and interactive. What’s more, with a video adding to your background, you can get a good chance to show your creativity or skills.


3. Flat Design

And in 2016, flat design will be still a hot web design style, which is a minimalistic design approach that emphasizes simplicity. Even Microsoft and Google have followed this flat design. But, good typography is a crucial foundation of flat design because Flat Design is a combination of colors and typography. That is typography? Typography is the visual component of the written word, which also plays a very significant role in theme or web design. If you want to improve your web design, typography must be the primary consideration.


4. Long Scroll

Long scroll makes platforms for storytelling, creative visuals, navigation, and a more immersive experience. So this design can offer a good opportunity for you to tell a begin-to-end story to your visitors. It is the technology of mobile touchscreen devices makes the long scroll design more popular and effective use in today. What do you think about this hot design?


5. Hamburger Icon

Well, you may have noticed the trend of simplifying the traditional website navigation. That’s why Hamburger Icon shows up in various devices or even desktop. By hiding the main menu onto a small screen, this design makes the rest part of the site much more readable.


6. More and More Cards Layout

Cards are some small rectangles that are full of coactive photos and news information. Due to the responsiveness, clear aesthetics, and usability, many sites would like to choose this design. For example, you can see many cards on websites everywhere nowadays such as Facebook, Google, as well as Twitter, which are known to all of us. That is to say, card design has been very hot as a web design trend.


7. Sliders

Slider has also become a necessary part of web design, especially for those business websites. The most obvious advantage of the usage a slider is that the owners of websites put their preference information in a visually appealing and interactive slideshow at the top of the page before their main content. So, this design enables visitors to read the outstanding contents at their first sight.


8. Illustrations

Though there are plenty ways to make a website look unique, none is more effective than using excellent illustrated components to achieve this. Illustration is a very familiar tool that could be found in many different uses in design. By using Illustrations, you can increase the impact of your website visitors.



Is your website ready to update in 2016? If you think your website needs a new look, you can refer to the above predict trend and begins your work now. What do you think of these trends? Have you got any ideas from them? Leave a comment to share your ideas below.