4 Best Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

If you are running ecommerce websites to sell services or products, a pricing table should be needed definitely, which can display statistics of associated data to make your site look more official. Also, a pricing table also help your customers visualize and make quick decisions from various products. As you see, when it comes to the pricing page design, it’s all about making it clear and simple. Get a suitable pricing table plugin to make your own pricing table now! The following is a list of recommended pricing table plug-ins for your convenience.

1. WRC Pricing Tables

WRC Pricing Tables-edit

Pricing Table Example

WRC Pricing Tables

Its main features:

  • 1. Responsive For All Devices
  • 2. Unlimited Rows & Columns
  • 3. In-depth customization menus for every single option in your tables
  • 4. Tick / Cross Icon Supported

2. Pricing Table by Supsystic

Pricing Table by Supsystic-edit

Pricing Table Example

Pricing Table by Supsystic

Its main features:

  • 1. Drag-and-drop builder
  • 2. Tooltips support
  • 3. Button, text, CSS styles for any pricing gird
  • 4. Custom Header, Features list, and Button styling

3. Pricing Table Builder – Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables-edit

Pricing Table Example

Easy Pricing Tables

Its main features:

  • 1. Example of a pricing table with 3 columns
  • 2. Responsive Pricing Tables
  • 3. Built-in Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices
  • 4. Use Drag & Drop To Reorder Easy Pricing Tables Columns
  • 5. Custom CSS – Add Custom CSS to your Pricing Table

4. Pricing Table

Create-Pricing Table

Pricing Table Example

Pricing Table

Its main features:

  • 1. Drag and drop package(column) re-ordering
  • 2. Featured Column option highlight best price package
  • 3. Tooltip support
  • 4. different table templates

5. POWr Price Table

POWr Price Table-edit
Pricing Table Example

POWr Price Table

Its main features:

  • 1. Accept payments and donations directly through PayPal
  • 2. Showcase and compare an unlimited number of plans, products, and features side-by-side.
  • 3. Distinguish your product or plan with customizable “highlight” feature.
  • 4. Create recurring payments for subscriptions and memberships.


Make use of these free pricing table WordPress plugins to get your own pricing table now. You can choose one of provided Pricing Table Plugins that is suitable with the style of your ecommerce style, feel free to download it, and share how it runs on your with with us. Your feedback is always welcome.