8 Best Free Responsive WordPress Video Slider Plugins

You must want to make your website impressive for your viewers. But how? Video slider plugins are able to bring lots of value to your website in terms of many aspects. For example, they can drive more traffic to your site and bring some traffic revenue for you. Besides, video slider has been considered as a very helpful assistance to help you attract more attention from users and attract them to stay on your site more time. By the way, though video slider can make you site more elegant, you have to make sure that it is responsive because if it is not, mobile devices users cannot load it successfully. As you know, nowadays, mobile users play a very important role on contribution to web traffic. If your video slider is not responsive, you will lose many users. In these cases, we recommend a list of user-friendly, responsive Video Slider Plugins for you to help you get a more stunning website!

Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is a versatile and popular WordPress plugin for creating beautiful image, post and video sliders. Its live slide editor allows you to create sliders fast and efficiently. You can easily create amazing sliders without any coding skills. Just simply choose a slider template and customize every element to create stunning sliders on your website. It’s sure that Smart Slider 3 is SEO optimized and fully compatible with WordPress. Moreover, its image and video sliders all look perfectly on various computers and mobile devices. And it supports popular video websites like Vimeo and YouTube. It’s very easy for you to create amazing video sliders on your website.


Depicter is a free SEO optimized WordPress plugin used for creating responsive image and video sliders. You can choose any professionally designed slider templates and customize its elements on its intuitive interface without editing a single line of code. Depicter comes with a large and free library of 3.2M images, mockups, 30K videos vectors, pre-built templates and elements at your service. Animations can be added easily to sliders to capture your users’ attention. Besides, its versatile video player supports any type of videos, including self-hosted, Vimeo and YouTube videos in your sliders. Importantly, Depicter can display your image and video sliders in a super lightweight way.

WordPress YouTube Video Slider

WordPress YouTube Video Slider is the latest API-based WordPress video gallery plugin that comes with loads of customization options. This plugin allows you to display videos from many resources, including YouTube, Playlist, Live Stream, and self-hosted videos on your website. WordPress YouTube Video Slider helps you showcase your videos as a gallery or slider or grid views on your WordPress site. Essentially, this plugin is SEO friendly, lighting fast and easy to use.

WonderPlugin Slider

Download and install the plugin and add your slides:

WonderPlugin Slider Lite

WonderPlugin Slider

Main features

  • 1. Supports images, YouTube, Vimeo, mp4/webm videos
  • 2. Compatible with mobile, tablets, desktop
  • 3. Stunning 3D transition effects
  • 4. Step by step wizard-style user interface
  • 5. Built-in Lightbox effect

Slider Video

Slider Video plugin by Rich Web is a feature-rich and awesome free plugin that helps you create a cool video slider with no coding skills. All designs and layouts of the video slider are responsive and look nice on any device. If you want to create many video sliders, you will be glad that it allows unlimited amount of video sliders. Currently, this plugin supports videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo and MP4. It has many customization options, such as animation speed, pause time, auto play, width, height and many more. And it comes with 20 slider types. After you create and customize your video slider, you just need to copy and paste the shortcode to any post and page. Though it is very easy to use, detailed documentation is also ready to help you.


Algori Video and Image Slider

Algori Video and Image Slider is a Gutenberg Block plugin that allows you to add image and video sliders to your websites in minutes. Beautiful image and video sliders can better attract your visitors’ attention, improve the user experience and increase revenue for your website. It’s very user-friendly and requires no coding skills. Its free version has a lot to offer and you can get more features with its pro version.

Video Gallery

Video Gallery by I Thirteen Web Solution is a nice responsive video gallery WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can combine any number of videos and images into a gallery slider. You can easily add, edit and delete any video or image from its admin panel. Before publishing your video or image gallery slider, you can preview it. Moreover, this plugin provides dozens of options to customize your video and image slider, including slider height and width, slider speed and so on. Its admin panel is very intuitive so that your video and image gallery will be ready with a few clicks.

Video Carousel Slider with Lightbox

Video Carousel Slider with Lightbox is a WordPress plugin that comes with beautiful and responsive video for your website. With this plugin, you have the ability to add, edit and delete unlimited videos in the gallery slider. And it also allows you to set video title to lightbox, preview a video gallery before adding it, set height and width of slider video images. Also, changing the slider speed could be very easy. This plugin supports shortcodes, which allows you to place the video gallery to any post or page. Its free version supports videos from Youtube and Dailymotion, while the Pro version supports more video sources.