8 Best NFT WordPress Themes 2022

NFT stands for non-fungible token and it is creating a new way for people to trade artwork, comic books, games, trading cards and many more. If you want to get involved in NFT marketplaces, a beautiful and engaging website will help you stand out from the crowd in the field.

To do that, the first thing is to choose the right NFT theme for your WordPress website. Creating an NFT website can be quick and easy if you use the right solution. Such NFT themes commonly come with all essential features and functionality needed for an attracting and functional website.

To simplify this process, we have picked up the following collection of NFT WordPress themes for your consideration. All of them are feature-rich and easy to use. Let’s take a close look!
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3+ Best Minimal WooCommerce WordPress themes 2022

If you are launching an eCommerce website, it is very necessary to ensure that your online shop has a clean and intuitive style. A minimal WooCommerce theme is one of the best solutions for that. However, there are too many options to choose from, it should be very overwhelming to pick up the right one.

The good news is that most of this hard work has been done for you and a collection of the best minimal WooCommerce themes has been selected. Any of them can help you create a clean and simple online store. You can check these WooCommerce themes and explore their main features. In this collection, you will find at least one solution for your project.

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9 Best Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes 2022

Are you searching for a Google AdSense optimized WordPress theme for your website? If so, then you are at the right place! If you’re running a blog or a website, it’s necessary to know that Google AdSense is the easiest and most efficient advertising program to monetize your blog or website. AdSense is very easy to get started with, set up and configure too. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge, just insert a piece of code on your WordPress website and Google will automatically serve relevant adverts to your visitors.

But the main problem with Google AdSense is how to get higher click-through rate (CTR) so as to increase your AdSense revenue. You have to optimize ad placement, ad color and many other things if you want to earn money from Google AdSense. The good news is that many companies have been working very hard to develop WordPress themes that are optimized to increase your CTR. Here we have handpicked a collection of awesome Google AdSense WordPress themes that not only have a perfect balance between adverts and website content, but also deliver positive user experience to visitors.
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3+ Best Massage Therapy WordPress Themes 2022

If you are going to build a massage therapy website with WordPress, it is important for you to find a high-quality theme to help you achieve the goal. However, since there are too many massage therapy WordPress themes, it will be overwhelming for you to figure out the best one for your website.

Fortunately, we have done most of the tough job for you and rounded up a list of the best massage therapy WordPress themes that you can use for your massage therapy website. The list items all have more than one ready-to-use home page demo that is purposely created for the massage-related niche. In addition to the demos, these themes also come with many other features to help you with your business.

These themes are very easy to customize so that you can create a massage therapy website suitable for your request.
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3+ Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes 2022

Amazon affiliate marketing is a good way to increase revenue for marketers and publishers. A high-quality design will certainly help your website stand out from the crowd make it a successful one.

There is a plethora of Amazon affiliate WordPress themes available for you to choose. No matter you want to publish product reviews or just place your affiliate links into your website articles, these themes have got it covered.

To help you make your decision, we have reviewed and collected the best Amazon affiliate WordPress themes. In this list, you will find the right one for your project.
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3+ Best Tutor LMS WordPress Themes 2022

If you are looking for the best tutor LMS WordPress theme to launch and manage your online courses, then you will be happy to learn that this great selection will include the right one for you.

Each item in the collection comes with prebuilt website layouts, lots of customization options and features as well as use cases. As these themes are feature-rich and highly flexible, it will be very easy for you to design and customize a user-friendly website for your students.

No matter which theme you choose, you should find it significantly easy to build a website for your online course.
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8 Best Nutrition WordPress Themes 2022

Health and nutrition are always popular topics in our daily life. People are paying more attention to what they eat and how they live. So it’s no surprise that the health industry becomes more popular and competitive than ever. If you are starting in this niche and want to reach more clients, one of the effective ways is with a fantastic website. Your website can share your health tips, and build trust with your clients.

Luckily, here is a collection of fantastic nutrition WordPress themes for your convenience. All of these themes are beautifully designed, feature-rich, and very easy to use. You will find a right one no matter you want to sell nutrition-related products, promote nutrition-related services, or share nutrition-related tips.
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16 Best Video Background WordPress Themes 2022

Nowadays, it’s very popular to use a video background on the website, as a video is worth more than a thousand words and it can make your website stand out. Thanks to the constant increase of the Internet speed, it becomes feasible to place videos for the background and the slider, and any other places without worrying about the loading speed of your webpages.

Video backgrounds can make your website look more modern and attractive. For a better first impression, it’s very necessary to display some media content or animation right when visitors land on your website. Usually, visitors do not like to wait around for flash contents which tend to take more time to load up. But, you don’t need to worry about video backgrounds, because the Internet speed is much faster now. Here we have hand-picked a list of the best video background WordPress themes.
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8 Best Yoga WordPress Themes for Yoga Studios 2022

Health and fitness are the compulsory facts to have a better life. Part of the health and fitness industry, yoga has crossed its national boundary of India, and is a preferred fitness activity for millions of people. Yoga not only keeps practitioners physically fit, but also mentally as well. That’s why more and more people practice yoga. Meanwhile, rise in popularity usually leads to fierce competition. So it becomes harder for yoga studios to really stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

To broadcast your yoga studio and classes, one best way is to have an online website that is efficient and the most cost-effective way to attract new customers and reach as many people through the world. Thankfully, there are many excellent WordPress themes specially designed for yoga studios and teachers, helping you better showcase your classes, programs and schedules. Here is the collection of the best yoga WordPress themes to help you get started.
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8 Best WordPress Wedding Themes 2022

Your wedding day is surely one of the most important days in your life. There are lots of things to do for a wedding, such as finding a venue, selecting the caterer, making a guest list, RSVP, gift registries and so on. It has become more and more common to have a beautiful wedding website and make this process a little easier. A wedding website can help you easily invite your friends and relatives to your wedding, tell your story, share your beautiful photos, and update your guests with the details of your wedding events. It will be one of the least expensive things you do for your wedding event, while it really makes things easier and more fun for your guests.

To save your time, we have hand-picked a list of the best WordPress wedding themes with awesome design, high quality and helpful functionalities for a gorgeous wedding website. Take a look at the list below, you should find the one that perfectly suits for you.
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