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10 Top Plugins to Customize WordPress Comments

Comment feature is one of the basic elements of any sites. With this feature, your audience can write their feeling about your topics and engage in discussing your topics. And from the comments you can know which parts of your sites are more resonating.
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8 Best WordPress Slider Plugins

We always find lots of appealing sliders when doing shopping on the Internet or visit various websites. How can those sliders be so attractive and eye-catching? First of all, ease of use on smartphone, tablet and being responsive are two important elements which you should take into consideration when you choose a slider plugin. In addition, features like Parallax layers, Quick image uploading, and Smooth animated effects should be included into the plugins to help audience get a better visiting experience. Basing on these, we are going to display some best WordPress slider plugins to improve your website’s aspect. Choosing any one of them can let your audience be amazed if they visit the site. Now, let’s see what they are.
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8 Web Design Trends You Need to Know in 2016

Web design trends always change speedily, which is a fast-tempo domain and is capable of predicting top tendencies ahead of time. If you haven’t updated the aspect of your website for couple of years or so, it’s time to do it now. Otherwise, you may risk falling behind the competitors who also have websites that more catch up with the needs of nowadays visitors. So, why not start now to update it if your website is out-of-date for years. So, let’s see the major latest trends in web design for 2016 which may give you some inspiration to help you improve your website.
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