New Theme Release Ascreen

After months’ dedicated working, we’re excited to announce the new release of another awesome WordPress theme Ascreen!
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Coothemes Shortcode User Manual

Thank you for using Coothemes Shortcodes plugin. Coothemes Shortcodes is a free WordPress plugin that provides a pack of shortcodes.


It’s very easy to install Coothemes Shortcodes on your website. There are 2 different ways to install Coothemes Shortcodes:
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How to Add/ Embed Google Map to Your Website

A map or a direction is very useful and convenient for your customers or visitors to know where your office is located, type in the address they will be going to and automatically get directions to the event location. Among so many mapping apps and services out there, the definitive king of maps is Google Maps. Google Maps offers powerful and user-friendly mapping technology and local business information, including business locations, contact information and driving directions.
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How To Fix 404 Errors In WordPress Without Using Plugins

404 error is pretty familiar to all PC users. This error page is so annoying when it shows up during browsing activities. Therefore, if someone visits your own site and he or she suffers this 404 error, he will have a poor experience and won’t come back to your website again. As a result, you may suffer some loss. Therefore, it is very important for you to check your site regularly to see if it works right or not. When the error happens, fix it timely so as to avoid the loss. Commonly, these words will be displayed if 404 errors occur:
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Easy WP Optimizer Released in WordPress


Easy WP Optimizer is available in now. You can either download from Coothemes website or
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Acool One Page Theme is Published in WordPress

After several months of waiting, Acool is finally reviewed and approved in Now it’s much more convenient for our users to download it either in or at our CooThemes page.
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10 Top Plugins to Customize WordPress Comments

Comment feature is one of the basic elements of any sites. With this feature, your audience can write their feeling about your topics and engage in discussing your topics. And from the comments you can know which parts of your sites are more resonating.
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8 Best WordPress Slider Plugins

We always find lots of appealing sliders when doing shopping on the Internet or visit various websites. How can those sliders be so attractive and eye-catching? First of all, ease of use on smartphone, tablet and being responsive are two important elements which you should take into consideration when you choose a slider plugin. In addition, features like Parallax layers, Quick image uploading, and Smooth animated effects should be included into the plugins to help audience get a better visiting experience. Basing on these, we are going to display some best WordPress slider plugins to improve your website’s aspect. Choosing any one of them can let your audience be amazed if they visit the site. Now, let’s see what they are.
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8 Web Design Trends You Need to Know in 2016

Web design trends always change speedily, which is a fast-tempo domain and is capable of predicting top tendencies ahead of time. If you haven’t updated the aspect of your website for couple of years or so, it’s time to do it now. Otherwise, you may risk falling behind the competitors who also have websites that more catch up with the needs of nowadays visitors. So, why not start now to update it if your website is out-of-date for years. So, let’s see the major latest trends in web design for 2016 which may give you some inspiration to help you improve your website.
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Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Site

WordPress is a popular and famous blog platform for most web designers. Every corn has two sides. This on the other hand increases the risk of being infected or hacked by evil cyber criminals while the free builder aids tons of users. Thus most site masters try every means to protect their websites. A post before has provided some useful tips in securing websites. We mention plugins is one of them. But what we should bear in mind is that vulnerable third party plugins are also a huge risk to your website. Considering this, today we are ready to sort some best WordPress plugins with high ratings and most active downloads to protect your website. Read More…