10 Top Plugins to Customize WordPress Comments

Comment feature is one of the basic elements of any sites. With this feature, your audience can write their feeling about your topics and engage in discussing your topics. And from the comments you can know which parts of your sites are more resonating.


Although WordPress has its own commenting system by default which looks quite good, it is so simple, basic and stiff that it cannot be flexible and powerful enough for your audience to manage their interaction. In this case, you need to use WordPress comment plugins to make your audience have better commenting experience. With these plugins, your website’s comment feature will be improved and can be much easier and more flexible for more people to comment the content.

Now, let’s see 15 great WordPress comments plugins in the following part, which can help you make the comment system on your website faster and easier to run and your sites more appealing to your viewers also.



Jetpack is very popular to use. Lots of websites cannot run without it. It provides some functionalities including comment, which replaces the default comment feature and allows your viewers to integrate with Facebook, Google+, as well as Twitter and so on.



Though this plugin lacks of support and updates for about one year, it still has lots of users and is widely used. If you are a Disqus user, you will notice that Disqus provides a community box, and posts which have latest comments on your top comment system location. This feature allows people to get the information of who is commenting on the content. It also let commenters share any comments on their Facebook, and other social Medias. So, using Disqus will make comment more interactive and easier.

3.Facebook Comments


This plugin allows viewers who have Facebook account to comment on your blog. With this plugin, you can let friends from your Facebook take part in your discussions as well. However, before you install it, you have to test whether it is compatible with your using browser first because of the compatibility issue.


CommentLuv Pro

One advantage of using CommentLuv is that commenters can link their latest post onto the bottom of their comment when they make a comment. Due to this functionality, it can encourage more visitors to leave comments on the website, especially those who try to promote their last post. It means that the site will get more replies and comments, which will contribute to the increasing rankings of the site.



wpDiscuz allows audience to create a new discussion thread or just reply to the existed comments. It also gives users the latest update of comments with notified buttons and it has a real time system to inform visitors how long the posts have been posted. The highlight of this plugin is that it provides a feature of multilevel comment threads. This feature can let the comment system cleaner and professional.

6.Comments Evolved


Comments Evolved has several comment systems for audiences to leave a reply. If you want to integrate several comment systems on one blog, Comments Evolved plugin should be the best choice for you. With this plugin, readers can make a comment with their favorite social media accounts such as Facebook, Google+, or other login systems.

7.WP Ajaxify Comments

WP Ajaxify Comments

WP Ajaxify Comments plugin enable commenters to leave a comment without having to leave the page. That is to say, when you are adding a new comment, the page won’t reload.

8.Decent Comments


This plugin offers shortcode and widgets to display comments in another form such as avatars. Therefore, Decent Comments is the very plugin what you look for if you want to show your websites’ comments with the commenters’ avatars.



Postmatic allows users to add comments to a post by emails and the comment will show up on the page in about one second. Pretty quickly, isn’t it? What’s more, when there is a new comment replying to you, you can receive it via your email and reply the comment via your email too. That is to say, it will save you lots of time.

10.Yoast Comment Hacks


Via Yoast Comment Hacks, users can email all people who have made comments on a post on their own sites. And this plugin also offers a Cleaner comment notification emails for users as well. Another highlight feature is that Yoast Comment Hacks plugin provides an input field to let people alter their comment parent ID.


There are countless comment plugins out there for you to improve the comment system. You can decide to use one of the list above to set up your comment system to supercharge your website’s comment system. Or if you have other options or ideas, please let us hear from you! Leave your comment here to let us know which one is suitable for you now.